Hi All,

I’m Lucy and I am 28. I live in North Solihull in Birmingham. My blogs are mostly about my journey with Autism and mental health.

I would love to inspire people after they’ve read my blogs that there is hope and positivity after a negative time as I was that person I was in hospital for 18 months and didn’t see anyway of returning to normality but there is, I do have support now but I see that as a positive that thats just there to keep me safe. I do have my bad times but they don’t last as long anymore and I’m hopeful I can live a happy life, I volunteer twice a week and attend college one morning a week, I love reading, writing and art in my spare time. I love to keep busy which keeps me positive, I find when I am not doing much it leads to negativity. 

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.


Lucy 🙂