What I Can Do…

I may be autistic (mild) but I can do a lot that you may think i couldn’t cos of my autism i’m mild so I can live mostly a ‘normal’ life, yes i have support but thats just to keep me safe cos of my self-harm and keep me safe from when my thoughts get bad and i want to do severe things to myself. 

  • I can clean my flat and tidy up with little support.
  • I can speak clearly
  • I can remember lots of information especially from many years ago.
  • I can draw with much detail
  • I can read books in a week or two
  • I can write stories 
  • I can cook meals my favourite one to cook is Spaghetti Bolognese 
  • I have friends from different places in the UK from college and hospital.
  • I can touch type using my Macbook Air
  • I am good at listening
  • I am better at talking via online social media than in real life
  • I have many interests and a couple of hobbies
  • I can do things if i put my mind to it.
  • I know a lot of bus routes in Solihull and the west midlands
  • I am a organised person 
  • I have qualifications in Art and design, ICT and english language.
  • I  can text fast
  • I plan ahead so i like that routine set. 

Lucy xxx

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