my friend Luke 😜


My friend Luke ….I met him in hospital in summer 2011 we spent about 1 year living together next door to each other on the unit . We became close quite quick we became really close friends. I liked Luke cos he included me in everything like included me in day services . He took me out for the day with staff members which took me away from all the upset and distress the unit caused me . Luke is funny and kind 😄 he’s very quick and good at knitting and crocheting . I was devastated when he was discharged but soon I was discharged and we see each other on a monthly basis where we go for lunch and go looking around shops or watch a film . He’s one of the only ones I know out my unit he’s still doing well and not been back in hospital he’s my inspiration ! I hope we stay friends forever , we text each day no matter what happens . He’s there for me and I’m there for him he’s seen me bad and I’ve seen him bad so we trust each other. When he moves back to Swindon I will go and visit him he’s just in the process of being moved on to another supported living place at the moment . 

My good friend Luke 😀😀😀😀


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