Jasper C.

jasper ove you lotsJasper was part of my family for 9 years (nearly 10). He was born in April 2006 and he passed away, sadly in March 2016. Jasper was a happy, cuddly, funny little dog who i will always remember that way. I lived in the same house as him until 2011 then I moved into a hospital then supported living, but i still visited every Sunday and i loved seeing Jasper – not a Sunday went by when i felt i didn’t want to see him. The whole family loved him so much. Jasper loved his toys and walks. He was a black and tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

Jasper had been such a big part of our lives and we miss him so much.. I hate to think we won’t ever see you again but the memories keep you alive, he was  so ILL on that last Sunday in March 2016 it was so horrible seeing him like that, I loved you and everyone loved you we will always remember you jasper. 

I am now a member on a Facebook cavalier king Charles spaniel memories page its a page on Facebook where me and others write about our cavaliers that have passed away. I have wrote about Jasper on his birthday, also when he passed away – and hope to write on their in the future too and i got such an overwhelming response from my posts. 

I am just happy to know you’re at peace now –  but horrible to think you won’t be here to celebrate the birthdays, christmas, see us anymore.

Love your lucy xx 


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