Thinking back….


I left my specialist college Queen Alexandra College 6 years ago and I am thinking how things have changed. 

In 2010……….

I was 20,  I was ILL I had major problems going on in my head i was starving myself, I was self harming every day, I was having depressive moods most days, I was very quiet at college I could not cope being residential – to think 6 years later i’d have moved out of home into supported living i would of never have believed it at the time, I didn’t have very many friends, relationships with others weren’t going very well,  I wasn’t independent at all my parents did everything for me like cleaning, cooking, washing, I wouldn’t go out without my parents, I had no confidence and lacked self esteem,.I was hardly attending college because of my mental health and sensory issues. 

6 years later in JULY 2016…….

I am healthy I am 26 , I was put in a learning disability/mental health hospital in February 2011 and discharged in August 2012, but now I am generally happy I do have my low moods and my set backs but theres always a reason behind it, I have independence I live in supported living because of specific things e.g; my moods and my vulnerabilities.   I do my own cleaning, cooking, washing, I can phone people now instead of avoiding phone calls, I keep on making progress, I can make conversations and keep them going now, I have so much confidence, I self harm less and less, I have friends including my close friend I met in hospital Luke who I see every single month and he lives in Swindon also I keep in contact with a friends from QAC, I go out every day, I volunteer twice a week, I go to groups like art groups, writers group, I have a good relationship with every one i deal with like staff team, friends, family, I cope with problems much better than I used to and I distract myself most of the time.. 

I still think theres much more progress to make but i am getting there and i do not recognise myself from 6 years ago which is a very good thing, i couldn’t of carried on the way I was. 

Lucy xxx

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