4 years later….


Today its 4 years since I moved into supported living and left hospital. I think I have changed in those 4 years not with my mental health improving but with my confidence and independence. 

When I first moved into supported living i wasn’t very independent i was very reliable on staff to do things for me, I had not much confidence I would never dream of taking a phone call and i was till harming myself and banging my head when I felt low. I felt i would be back in hospital within a year to tell you the truth but i’ve proved myself wrong 4 years later i’ve been told i’m doing extremely well for myself. 

I can now cook for myself, clean my flat, answer the phone and phone people up, I volunteer twice a week, I have independence when i see some of my friends away from my support staff, I have joined groups where i wouldn’t of all those years back where i’ve met people there who I would ‘friends. 

My mental health has changed for the better i self harm less and less and i hope it will come to a point where i will stop completely in the future. I only really do it for a reason now not just because i want to do it. My depressive episodes are less i’m mostly a happy sort of person i don’t see the positives though but I’m hoping that will change too in the future. 

I did live with some females on two separate occasions,  but it didn’t work out i felt it wasn’t the right environment after the second attempt of me sharing so i now live in my own flat in Chelmsley wood with support off support workers from a Solihull care company. 

I am still in contact with some people from hospital but the main one is Luke who i’ve been in contact since he left hospital in March 2012 we see each other monthly and i’ve seen him in Swindon recently the only time we don’t really see each other is at christmas because of the travel prices. 


Lucy xx 


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