Discharge from psychiatrist 


8 years ago I got was referred to see a learning disability psychiatrist I was in a bad way I wasn’t attending college much , I was self harming and I was having such a lot of negative thoughts, I was prescribed medication but it wasn’t doing much good I wasn’t improving I just got worse. I deteriorated each time I saw the psychiatrist which was a month in between the appointments but they thought I had typical depression but it wasn’t as my moods became worse with ups and my self harm became worse I was admitted into hospital where I was assessed and given the right treatment and medication, I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder.  I was discharged in August 2012 and continued to see the same psychiatrist he has never changed anything with my medication in those 4 years i have had some tough times but he always saw the positive and said I will get though it and won’t be returning to hospital and I’ve proved him right — once I stopped sharing with clients i improved a lot my confidence , independence and my wellbeing changed for the better. Psychiatry has helped me progress into a better person if it wasn’t for my psychiatrist I do not know where I would be now as I was a terrible young person who got really angry and had awful thoughts . 

Today is the first day of the rest of my life I still do have negative thoughts and feelings but I can manage them better and I have psychology and my community nurse also my support workers still … 

Lucy xx 

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