This blog is about’employment’

I feel I will have to stick to voluntary work which is alright I enjoy it I love the library and I am looking forward to other voluntary placements I have applied to do, but I feel it’s the best that I can do to do with employment, I don’t think I will be be able to work full time or part time now or the future due to my autism (the particular routines and thoughts I have) and my bipolar moods. Some days I don’t want to go and with a job you need to always want to go I never let voluntary down but I cannot do more than a few hours I always think it’s too much. Recently I’ve been having paronoid thoughts which are getting me down and if I had a job they could get twice as worse. I’m glad I haven’t gone for any jobs in the last few months which I’ve nearly had interviews for. 
Lucy xx 

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