My Christmas 2016



┬áMy Christmas was really nice I spent it with my family i enjoyed it i got some lovely gifts my favourites ones being my DAB Radio, My Ministry of sound bluetooth speaker, pink Ted Baker Shopper Bag and black iPad Case also my Hair straightening Babyliss brush. I was really lucky to have quite a lot of presents when I’m 27 in February. Christmas Day i spent it with Mum, Dad and my brother, Max and Boxing day I went to my Aunt and Uncles with Mum and Dad to have lunch.┬áI am thankful for all the presents/money I┬áreceived. It was quite nice not having no┬áspecific┬ároutine to be in so i could go to bed at any time and get up at any time. I was in contact with friends over┬áWhatsApp and text message over the┬áChristmas┬áperiod especially my friend Luke ­čÖé Luke bought me┬áThornton’s┬áchocolates for┬áChristmas which was┬áreally nice of him.┬á

We remembered Jasper our little dog who passed away this year through Christmas , hopefully next year there will be another dog in the family to take selfies with and enjoy Christmas with, I really miss Jasper and have especially missed him on Christmas Day getting excited over the wrapping paper and presents.

I will be going back to Mum and Dads for New Year which should be just as good !!


Lucy x 


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