Goodbye 2016

Not long till 2017 will be here it’s he 31st of December 2016. This year has had it’s up and downs. 

I have started volunteering this year I am still volunteering at my local library which I really enjoy. I have been to busted concert this year which I loved. I went to London twice once with my friend Fatemah to see Aladdin stage production, and been to Swindon twice to see my good friend Luke in August and December . I had a tattoo with jasper on. I started a creative writing course with open study college. I have started to write a newsletter and wordsearch for staff and clients at my care provider this year. I have made new friends at groups I have joined some groups I still go to including writing club every fortnight. I have carried on seeing my other friends for example joannah and in contact with my old friends via facebook. I am not under psychiatry anymore which I’m really pleased about my wellbeing is looking up. 

Unfortunately it wasn’t all good our jasper passed away in march which was devastating for all the family. 

2017 will hopefully be more jam packed. I haven’t got anything planned as of yet but I plan to get another voluntary job, my family will hopefully get another dog in the new year and I  Want to get another tattoo, go to another stage production. I want to carry on being independent and carry on improving. 

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