I wrote this for my old college (QUEEN ALEXANDRA COLLEGE) and its got published on social media i was over the moon that i was chosen first to be put up on their Facebook page. 



The first of our Alumni stories comes from former QAC student Lucy. Lucy attended QAC for 4 years, from 2006-2010 and during her time at the college she studied BTEC Art & Design.

Lucy mentions that her favourite memory from her time at QAC is “Meeting friends who have become my lifelong friends and having my artwork displayed in Ikon gallery in my first year.”

She also shared this story with us:

“I started college when I was 16 in 2006. I was a quiet and shy young person. During my 4 years, I came on a lot and by the time I came to leave I had friends (and I’m still in touch with those people today), a bit more confidence and qualifications behind me. I had ill health due to my mental health but the college supported me in a good way and gave me additional support with counselling and psychology also with nurses on site to help me too. I started as a day student, I attempted residential for 6 months but it wasn’t for me and returned as a day student. I am so glad I chose this college as the college I went to and thank you to all the tutors and staff for helping me along the way.”

Lucy now lives in supported living, volunteers at her local library and attends groups in her local area that include art, poetry and creative writing.

We’d like to thank Lucy for sharing her great story with us.

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