How Autism affects me


Autism does not take over my life but it does affect me in quite a lot of ways which can frustrate me at times at times I wish I could be like others who don’t have autism but autism does make me who I am now.

I was diagnosed when I was thirteen in 2003. 

Autism affects my communication skills sometimes i can’t get out what I want to say especially in large groups of people, I find eye contact difficult, I find making friends hard because i find I run out of things to say or I don’t know what to say and I  sometimes don’t understand some words but I understand a lot of words it’s just long complicated words I get stuck with sometimes. 

It affects how I go about my daily life I like routines especially a strict routine in the evenings and I don’t like it broken, I don’t like unexpected changes for example i do not like somebody coming to see me unexpectedly.. 

My sensory is affected I don’t like loud noises even the smallest of sounds can seem noisy I’m quite sensitive to noise, i don’t like very noisy people and I hate crowded places, I find touch sometimes unbearable and I get a feeling called unreal feeling which is dissociation which is part of sensory.

I get tired very easily if I do too much…

I get a bit obsessive over some things such as objects, tv programmes, people…..etc 

I enjoy  arts such as crafts, drawing and writing it’s something I’ve enjoyed since I was quite young. 

I struggle with maths I don’t understand a lot of maths. 

I find it hard to stay in all day because I find it hard to keep distracted and calm. 

My moods can be affected if things go wrong such as my routine not going to plan. I sometimes have outbursts that can last up to 30 minutes if they are bad but normally a few minutes long it’s normally when things build up or I’m very tense/agitated/angry. 

I am high functioning I think that’s why I can see him different I am to others which has affected my mental health over the years with my up and down moods also my self harming. 

I have to see psychology, community nurse and occupational therapy on a regular basis… 

Lucy xxx 

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