My upcoming birthday 

In 2 days I am turning 27 i don’t act like the usual 26/27 year old but I feel that’s because I feel my autism has made me act younger than my age and I missed out on a lot of social skills growing up as I didn’t have many friends so I didn’t  really socialise until college when I was 16 and it took years to be able to speak freely to have confidence to start conversations but I still find that hard especially if I don’t know you I tend to be able to speak better than face to face by speaking online or in writing. 

I hope one day I will be able tO socialise without any problem and not look so young. I have tried ways of making myself look my age but it doesn’t work but suppose it can a good thing looking young. 

I am quite looking forward to what I am doing for my birthday but not turning 27 I get worried about my future if things will be the same forever I know I love routine but I don’t want to be doing the same things every week for the foreseeable future. 
Lucy xx 

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