How I have changed


A blog about how I have ‘changed’ throughout the years since my diagnosis of autism.

  • I have made friends when I went to college and after college.
  • My routine doesn’t have to be to the dot anymore I can let it change except the evening routine. I can’t change it unless I really am prepared to change.
  • My sensory isn’t as severe as it used to be except the unreal feelings they get bad every single day – but I think thats due to living on my own with a carer and not having to share with clients anymore who weren’t suitable for me.
  • I have become independent in life skills and finding activities for myself to do during the day as I am unable to work due to my mental health/autism. I wouldn’t be able to hold down a paid job due to my severe moods and getting bored of things easily. I have gave up so many voluntary jobs over the years. 
  • My mental health got worse before it got better ,now i don’t have many relapses with my moods or self-harm much anymore. 
  • I can keep busy a lot of the time whether i’m in or out
  • I’m quite good at managing my own money now I used to spend lots and not stop until I ran out of money not thinking of my bills.
  • I’m good at communicating in the right way now sometimes i can’t explain how i feel then I sometimes write it down.
  • My outbursts can be once/twice a month very tiny ones, my self-harming can be every 2-3 months now and my moods are more settled instead of changing all of the time.
  • I have got more creative with arts, crafts and writing.
  • I have got new hobbies such as creative writing and deco-patch.
  • I  volunteer every week and theres never a time i don’t really attend.ive had various voluntary jobs during the past year or so. 
  • I don’t see a psychiatrist anymore every 3 months, just psychology and community nursing every few months.
  • I create a newsletter/word-search for my care provider every month also a book review that I have read during that month.
  • I adventure to new places such as London, Swindon (to see my friend Luke) and other places too, I really enjoy the theatre. I don’t just stay in the local area.
  • I spend more time out and about than sitting in 
  • I am in contact with my friends on a regular basis I text, speak on Facebook and meet up with them. 
  • I have gained confidence throughout the years I used to avoid eye contact and not communicate very well. 
  • I can make decisions on my own 
  • I can be positive sometimes if I really try 
  • I can start conversations with people I know and continue them I still find it hard with people I don’t know that well.

Lucy xx 

    2 thoughts on “How I have changed”

    1. Hi Lucy, I love your article on how you have ‘changed’. I am also on the Spectrum, and can relate to your situation a little bit.

      You sound very clever and happy, and you have friends, that’s fantastic, life is good..keep smiling 🙂


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