Self harm awareness 


Self harm is when  for example you cut , scratch or bang yourself on purpose . 

Last week was self harm awareness day which I feel strongly about as I think there should be more Awareness with self harm and other mental health conditions.

I’m learning to manage my self harm it’s not easy battling it each day. 

I have self harmed since I was 17/18 when I was very unhappy.. it’s a behaviour I think I have just got used to doing and became sort of a routine but recently it’s been less I am starting to do it less and less I have only done it once this year and we’re in the third month of 2017! 

I tend to do it to help me cope or when i am very frustrated over something or some sort of anger comes on very quick

I have hundreds of scars I hate on my arms , shoulders and hands and it’s just something I see every day which remind me of the bad times I’ve been through which sometimes reminds me of those bad places I’ve been in so I find it especially hard to move on from the past for example hospital, the dark moods, the awful thoughts I get and the hate I sometimes feel towards myself . 
Lucy xxx 

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