I’ve been struggling recently with my thoughts they’ve not been the easiest obsessing over the numbers on the scale as they don’t seem to be going down even though i’ve cut so much out of my diet and i don’t even snack anymore on anything just eating my meals,  and i’m exercising 5 nights a week at the gym for 45 minutes, and walking lots. I just don’t want to go down the route i went down when I was 19/20 where i lost a lot of weight i know i’ve got a long way to go until i get to that. I weigh myself every morning at the moment which i know is too much. 

My thoughts are all over the place, saying i shouldn’t have to have support and just being generally negative and i’m getting bad urges to harm myself all of the time even though i’m trying to battle it. 

I’m so tired all of the time I don’t get to sleep till at least 2-3am in the middle of  the night or I wake up loads or get no sleep at all. I’m fed up of it.

My Moods are so up/down during the evenings I am encouraged to keep busy during the day so that helps but then I feel so low in the evenings when I wind down. 



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