Mental health 

Recently my mental health has been stable but some days have been not so good with changes and feeling angry over small little comments that can be little but they feel a huge deal to me. Things play on my mind a lot which some people don’t realise . 

My sleep has been a problem recently I haven’t been sleeping much or not getting very good quality of sleep. 

The sun has been out ☀️ the past couple of days which has made a huge impact on how I’ve felt it always makes me feel much better when the weathers better it makes me more determined to go out I’ve even not worn a cardigan today I’ve let the sun get to my scars the scars are from the years of self harming the sun helps with vitamin d too . 

I’ve got some things for the future lined up seeing friends and possibly some future voluntary placements. I am really enjoying my new voluntary at Solihull community housing. 🙂

On a positive note I’ve only self harmed a couple of times this year and it’s April now so my scars are fading which im happy about after 10 years of doing that nasty habit. 

My thoughts have been more strong the past few weeks but i know the trigger and it’s to do with changes that have happened around me and thoughts about the past hag I cannot change like I wish I wasn’t the size I was and wish I hadn’t got to the size I am now, but on the other hand i am doing something about it by exercising and dieting. 

Lucy xx 

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