Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and today I attended writers club and i won the writers club writing competition. 

This is my story I entered into the competition 🙂 


It was Easter Sunday in the month of April. The Smith family were off to a very old castle after the children had seen their eggs of the Easter bunny, the castle was hundreds of years old to take part in an Easter egg hunt which was 30 minutes away from their home in the East Midlands it was a big event which took part every three years for all adults and for children no matter what age you are all you had to do was donate a small donation which could be anything from a little bit of change to a big donation, which went towards events in the castle. It was 2.00pm in the afternoon and lots of families gathered in one of the main rooms of the castle to start the Easter egg hunt. It was a big gathering there must be around 30 families in the one room. The Smith family contained four members which were; Mike, Lynne and the children; Jessica and Liam. The Easter egg hunt was due to start at 14.30pm. The castle is hundreds of years old. As the Easter egg hunt began after the horn was raised, everybody started running across the castle looking in each room, corner, cupboard and every unique spot which could have small Easter eggs hidden in. there were a few surprises along the way such as spiders lurking in corners, squeaky floorboards making the families jump and even a couple of families thought they saw some objects move on their own and strange sounds some thought there were ghosts in the castle, was this a haunted castle?, some thought. The Easter egg hunt went on for hours as it was a very large castle with many floors and low rise ceilings. Some of the children were frightened by the unusual noises they heard such as screaming and banging. This was the first year the participants heard noises so it was frightening especially for the new participants and the children, but the organiser said it was nothing to worry about so that’s what some of them did took no notice. There would be a winner of the Easter egg hunt eventually, there was a ticking clock and the quickest to do it would get a prize on their completion of the hunt and there were smaller prizes for those in second and third place. The clock continued ticking as the hunt was underway the Smith family were enjoying taking part and had nearly completed the Easter egg hunt but then they got to a point where they got stuck each egg had a clue to the next location of the next egg but they just could not think where the next location could be they all thought so hard even the two children Jessica and Liam who were aged 8 and 11, then it clicked ‘it must be outside in the gardens’ thought Mike, behind a garden gnome their it was and with 5 minutes to go the Smiths had completed the whole Easter egg hunt in 1 hour 53 minutes they came in second place and were awarded with a certificate and a small Easter bunny chocolate, an older lady named Joan and her grandson Charlie who was six came in first place and they won a large Cadburys Easter egg and a certificate and in third place came the Harris family who got 2 bags of chocolate covered coins and a certificate too, the rest of the participants left empty handed with memories of a good day. Later that day the Easter celebrations continued in the castle with a table buffet of food and treats with everyone chatting, talking to each other it was a lovely day for all and for those who have never attended the Easter egg hunt in previous years it was nice to meet new faces from all over the Midlands and in the United Kingdom, the children had items to keep them occupied and other children to play with there was even more chocolate to eat which made everybody feel so full and sick!!  

At the end of the celebrations there was the children all pale faced looking shocked they had seen mythical creatures such as; a unicorn, fairies, troll, gnome and a unicorn. In the castles garden which left them all a little confused and worried what’s going to happen next or what surprise will follow next. In the blink of a second the adults came running and then came a spark of magic and in came what looked like an ordinary Easter bunny but it turned out to be an evil nasty Easter bunny which could speak and was saying lots of nasty comments to the children and snatching the Easter eggs off everyone, until a good fairy appeared to put a stop to the nasty Easter bunny by putting a magic spell onto the Easter bunny which zapped him away and gave the children and everybody else their Easter eggs back, and everybody then enjoyed the day including their new friends the mythical creatures excluding the evil Easter bunny but once the clock turned 6.pm all the mythical creatures disappeared until next Easter, they only had a short time with fun and games until their time was up in the castle it was like they were never there not even a speck of dust showed the creatures were ever there. This castle was full of magic and spirit and all in all it was a great Easter for each family and nothing got ruined in the end.   

The Smith family were on their way home and the children said, “I loved this Easter at the castle can we go again?” and the adults said “yes” and smiled. 




Lucy xx 

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