13 Reasons Why *spoilers*


I have recently finished watching 13 reasons why, I felt the series was very gripping but so sad at times. 

Hannah Baker was the main character who committed suicide and recorded 13 reasons why she committed suicide before she passed away. 

Hannah did not have a happy life she had no proper friends, she was raped, bullied and stalked in the series by some of her classmates.

On the day she committed suicide she went to see the school counsellor where she said she felt empty and in a way she said she wanted to commit suicide, she ended her life alone and both her wrists.

In some ways I could see what Hannah went through as I was bullied at school I too felt empty, alone, hated at school which has had a huge part of my life years after school. I felt like I wanted to die at 14 but i carried on even though I was awful to live with I just struggled on through.


I give this series 9/10 

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