Things are going well. I’ve lost 10 and a half pounds at weight watchers in a month — nearly a stone!!!!!. I’ve joined a gym through a doctors referral which is docspot for 12 weeks, I’m also doing exercise groups , I’m going to one tomorrow evening : legs, bums and tums.  I’m getting healthy and enjoying it !!! I am still volunteering at community housing, I’m really enjoying it, i fact I want more voluntary.  I have been doing the big sleuth trail around Birmingham this summer which is all the bears that have been decorated, I’ve already got quite a lot (40). I’m quite happy at the moment with things. I’ve applied to do my gcse English and maths at a local college in September as I didn’t get those GCSEs whilst at school , I had a difficult time at school so I only got low grades. I met up with my friend today who I have known eleven years 😮 in September, I met her at college when I was just 16 and we did the same college course. me and fatemah are going to follow the secret (magic) book which is 28 day , positive affirmations, which will help change your life. I’m looking forward to starting this 28 day sort of adventure with fatemah .. 

Lucy 😃😀

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