Hi – long time since I last blogged.


Its been a long time since I last posted on here, I last posted in October 2017.

Here is a few updates;

  • I’ve lost over 2 stone on Weight Watchers since June 2017, which I am over the moon about, just 2 more stone to lose then I am at target weight. I have stuck at the diet and done a bit of exercise such as gym, exercise classes and walking to lose my weight so far.
  • I attend college once a week in Smiths Wood on a Wednesday morning for 2 hours, I am being put in for my Functional Skills English exam in January for the reading part of the subject, then all I’ve got to do is do the writing part and then I can work towards level 2 of the qualification.
  • I have got back into my art work and I am drawing/painting regularly at home now especially in the evenings, which passes some of my spare time. I have also made all my Christmas cards this year I have made about 40 cards, not just for family and friends, also I was asked to do them for all the clients at my care provider.
  • I am not sleeping too good at the moment I am only getting 2 hours per night, which is really frustrating me and impacting on my mood in the day – fingers crossed it will improve. my negative thinking isn’t good when I don’t sleep I am trying to think positive but it is difficult.
  • I met Jake wood (Max Branning) at Chelmsley Wood shopping centre Christmas light switch on a couple of weeks ago, with a friend named Nick the other week, I also seen my other friend Joannah the same day (at a different time to Nick) in the evening in Kings Heath which was great. I am seeing my close friend Luke soon aswell who comes to see me regularly even though he lives in Swindon and I live in Birmingham. I like keeping in touch with all my friends which includes seeing them regularly it makes me feel good and happy with myself, if I don’t see them I speak to them on Facebook, text message or phone.
  • I have all my Christmas decorations up for Christmas,  I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I am very organised this year I have all my gifts for everybody all wrapped up and under my Christmas tree and Christmas cards made and written.
  • I am still volunteering on a Friday at Solihull Community Housing in Chelmsley Wood doing admin work.
  • My week is quite filled up at the moment doing little bits and pieces, but I would like to do more fulfilling activities especially with my drawing as its really improving, as I’ve been told by others.
  • I am hopefully (depending on how cold it is) going to see the Coca-Cola truck once again on Saturday, I went in 2014 and 2016 in December at around this time of year,  and I’m going to Solihull The core theatre to see Jack and the Beanstalk on Sunday afternoon.
  • I am doing more things than I used to and gaining new skills on a regular basis which has helped me with my confidence levels. I went to London in November and I stayed overnight and stayed in a hotel nearby to the theatre which I saw Dreamgirls musical production which I have never stayed in a hotel or anywhere overnight without my family before. I will stay overnight again in the future in a hotel,  maybe in the next year.

Lucy xx 



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