Goodbye 2017.

Hello all,

Its New Years Eve and I am reflecting back on the year I’ve achieved some things that were big achievements such as; 

  • I have stuck at voluntary and moved from volunteering at Chelmsley Wood Library to working at Solihull Community Housing in Chelmsley Wood which I would like to do another day there. 
  • I made the decision to go back to college one morning a week to do level 1 Functional skills English.
  • I joined weight watchers.
  • I stayed in London for 1 night with support which went well.
  • I have self harmed a lot less this year than previous years.
  • My low moods don’t last too long anymore.
  • I have made a new friend this year.
  • I have changed and broken routines I was stuck in and wouldn’t change at first.
  • I have gained confidence since January especially since voluntary at Solihull Community Housing.
  • I have stuck to hobbies recently, such as drawing. 
  • I mad the care provider Christmas cards which were for the clients. 
  •  I started a course online.
  • I don’t focus on my autism or bipolar anymore of use it as an excuse.
  • I don’t see ‘professionals’ as much anymore such as community nursing, psychology and I haven’t seen psychiatry for over a year. 


In 2018 I have made some resolutions such as;

  • To Lose weight/ get to target weight.
  • To join groups – get more volunteering and stick at the groups I join. 
  • Keep on seeing friends regularly.
  • To self harm less and hopefully stop.
  • To think positive and make positive decisions. 
  • To not get into set routines.
  • Change things I don’t like about myself.
  • Manage my difficulties better.


Hope you all have a great New Years eve tonight, and a great 2018!!! 


Lucy x 





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