This blog is about volunteering. 

I volunteer for my local councils community housing I do administration there the sort of tasks I do are;  scanning certificates such as electric and gas, typing up letters on letter headed paper, putting information on the gas certificates, spread sheets, I use a programme called sword- fish there, I have been there since March and I enjoy volunteering. 

I have been volunteering for some years I tried charity shops various charity shops in Solihull but I just didn’t take to them I didn’t like steaming clothes and I felt 2 hours was too long to just tidy a shop which some managers got me to do. I then discovered a company which is through the council but I found them through Advocacy they help those with learning disabilities get a voluntary job or paid work.

I started at Chelmsley Wood Library and stayed there for nearly 11 months I did like it but I hated cleaning books with cleaning solutions, cutting forms out and shredding (it always overheated) – I learnt skills such as how to make a display and dealing with the public as I was out in the main library at times. The staff were lovely in the library even though sometimes they had nothing much for me to do and they let me know they were worried I was getting bored but then I decided I would move on after I did 11 months there, they sent me a lovely leaving present.

I did do volunteering at Cherished in Sutton Coldfield for a few months but I left after I was let down several times but I did enjoy doing spreadsheets on excel for the lady running cherished. 

I began at Solihull Community Housing in March 2017 it was a struggle to get going at first because I found understanding swordfish difficult, but I did learn the new things and now I can do it right and sometimes I am challenged with new tasks, I enjoy attending each week even though the tasks are sometimes repetitive – I don’t get bored they keep me busy for all of the time I am there. Its the type of job I would love to have in an open plan office with lovely people and doing lots of computer work. The people there are lovely!!

The benefits of volunteering are;

  • Gaining communication skills whilst dealing with others e.g; other employees. 
  • Developing my computers skills further 
  • Meeting different people 
  • Gaining more confidence
  • Feeling accomplished after I have finished volunteering for the day
  • Learning new skills
  • Feeling like I am helping those working there out when they have praised me for all my help.
  • Feeling like I’m not judged or misunderstood as they are letting me continue volunteering each week and they even let me do another day. 


Lucy Xx

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