The things that make me happy :-)

Hi this blog post is about what makes me happy – sometimes I find it hard to think of the things I am grateful for when I am low but these are the things that make me happy;

  • My family and friends who are everything to me
  • Having a flat I rent off a landlord which I keep nice.
  • Being independent in a lot of things eg; cooking, cleaning….
  • Being able to go places for example college.
  • Having a range of things I like doing
  • Being able enough to be able to do the things I do each day
  • Being lucky enough to be accepted into Solihull community housing to volunteer twice a week
  • Being able to read and write well
  • Being able to make my own decisions.
  • To be able to be very good on computers. I can even use photoshop.
  • To be able to look presentable in the way I look.
  • To be able to battle through my problems
  • That its been 6 years (in August) since discharge from hospital and I am still with the same care provider.
  • Thinking of positive happy times from the past.
  • Thinking of things I could achieve in the future – which can also be scary at times
  • Getting stuck in a great book but I love fiction and biographies.
  • Speaking to friends but my friend Luke texts me each night which makes me smile.
  • When positive things happen to me.
  • When I make money on eBay by selling unwanted items.
  • When I purchase/receive new items
  • When I buy new stationery I LOVE stationery items especially pens πŸ™‚
  • Watching/listening to musicals. I love London theatres.
  • Watching Disney films or any of my favourite films such as twilight.
  • When I get compliments off people
  • Special occasions such as Christmas
  • Drawing and being happy if it turns out better than expected
  • Creating cards after making them from scratch.
  • Looking back through photos
  • SELFIES!! especially with snapchat filters.
  • When I hear happy songs or songs by a band/singer I like.
  • Watching reality television or soaps on television
  • Having my hair a different colour πŸ™‚ I have been many hair colours the last few years
  • If I stick at something more than a few weeks I feel I have achieved something.
  • Remembering memories with Jasper our family dog πŸ™‚
  • Losing weight at weight watchers feels great when I see the numbers going down on the scale.
  • Cooking a meal from scratch is a great achievement
  • Having a good nights sleep which I hardly have these days without having broken sleep which means being awake most of the night
  • Going to libraries they are one of my favourite places to go in my spare time
  • Planning things to look forward to in the future

Lucy xx

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