Sensory Integration



I have a mild learning disability and mild autism and have recently been told I have sensory integration disorder or sensory processing disorder as its sometimes known as.

What is it?

Sensory integration is when someone has trouble with there senses but those with the disorder can may have trouble with co-ordination such as balance, be clumsy by dropping items or bumping into items for example.

The five senses are; touch, taste, hearing, sight and  smell.. 

the symptoms can be getting tired easily after doing a task/activity, poor balance, find instructions hard to follow, poor posture, doesn’t like new activities, distressed by noise, notice background sounds that others cannot hear, can notice smells more than others, high tolerance to pain, may be sensitive to certain clothing, behaviour problems, may not want to socialise.

My story,

I am sensitive to noise and touch I have noticed it and family have noticed it for a long time, years actually –  since I lived at home with my family. I get really stressed out with noises especially loud noises i’ve always avoided discos that others go to in my care company cos I know it would increase my anxiety levels when I got home, I used to cover my hands over my ears when I lived at home when the family were talking, or I would put my head on the table with my hands over my ears, or I would spend a lot if time in my bedroom but that turned into a negative thing to do in the end as I started harming myself. I get irritated by certain noises and I  will only have the television, radio, speaker on a low volume as I cannot stand it to high in volume. I avoid touch as much as possible I won’t sit too close to people, I avoid hugs, I hate someone tapping me or touching me in every single way. 

I have recently had a full assessment off learning disability -occupational therapy which included sensory and praxis tests and I had a 1:1 assessment too which was done a few months earlier before the full assessment which was 16 tests. I was tested on most of the senses and I failed quite a lot of the tests which showed them that I have sensory problems and how much I use my sight to help me also they said how bad my co-ordination and balance can be.

I will be having a sensory diet routine put into place also my support workers will have 2 lots of training. 


Lucy xx 



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