New Tattoo !!!



This blog post is about my ‘Tattoo’

I had this tattoo which has the autism jigsaw puzzle in the butterfly which is a meaningful tattoo to me, as I am on the autistic spectrum and by having this tattoo it shows that I don’t blame any single thing on my autism in my diagnosis or day to day life, I battle every day as it comes –  sometimes I struggle sometimes I don’t. I have anxieties and sometimes I have to think of where to go especially if theres a certain place I want to go that has large crowds and noise. I have had a struggle especially with sensory issues over the years and struggling to adapt to change.  I take each day as it comes both with my autism and my mental health. I am mildly affected with my autism but sensory is still a huge involvement in my life even with mild autism. 

I have achieved certain things in my life even with a learning disability and autism;

Passing an English exam in mainstream recently in level 1 functional skills English, Being able to create a blog and get views, being able to do Art work such as drawing and make drawings to realistic , being able to design and make cards to send out at Christmas, Being accepted into volunteering in any of my volunteering placements that I have had over the past few years, Having my own flat in a rented property and keeping my flat looking nice and passing all inspection reports, Managing money it took a while with some mistakes but I am finally managing my money in a positive way, Reading and writing well, not seeing professional team regularly anymore, Socialising and going out more often than I did a couple of years ago, Knowing what I want in life and making decisions on my own more often and I have some good positive hobbies and qualities about myself which can be used in day to day life.

x Lucy x 

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