A Update



Its been a while since I wrote on here. I’ve been quite busy been kept very busy at voluntary work with new tasks which is great. Its snowed here a couple of weeks ago which caused all sorts of chaos such as being stuck in so I watched Netflix all day I have got addicted to an American television series called Pretty little Liars. I have been settled just bored of my daily life but I am going to look for new things to do during the day. I have let myself fall of my diet at weight watchers so going to try again may go back to group its very difficult trying to do it on your own I have found out. I am seeing my good friend Nick on Saturday we are going to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit movie cant wait and seeing my friend Fatemah the week after aswell. I have known Fatemah 12 years this year in September I cant believe I’ve been friends with someone so long and not fell out or lost touch. My thoughts have been a bit weird especially recently wanting to come off my medication was one but I don’t think that would be helpful. I am thinking about selling some of my drawings especially my cartoon ones. 


x lucy x

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