World Autism Awareness Week !!

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This week will be national autism awareness week and April is autism awareness month. I feel strongly about autism awareness I am autistic and I wish their was more awareness when I was younger as I wasn’t diagnosed until the age of 13 but these days there is more awareness but still not much out there for adults on the autistic spectrum for example groups and activity’s; I struggle to find things to do as I cant work a full time job 7 days a week and awareness needs to be made to make autism more known about especially to those who are older. Autism is mainly focused on children and I feel there should be more awareness for adults when I search for groups its either aimed at children or elderly no  in-between. I don’t struggle with my autism but some behaviours with my autism make anxiety and my moods struggle like obsessive about certain things, obsessive about routines on evenings, unexpected changes trigger anxiety, thinking thoughts which are the same and negative thoughts repeat themselves, I get extremely anxious doing new things which I do put off if I get to anxious; to name some. I sometimes judge myself comparing myself to others to what I call ‘normal people’ which I suppose there’s no such thing as normal but back when I was 11/12 I didn’t ever expect to be told I was autistic but I have learnt to accept myself over the years. I take each day as it comes I enjoy the things I do and try not to dwell on what I cannot do I feel I am more positive after years of negative behaviours. Autism doesn’t put a downer on your life if you’re mild/high functioning you can lead a great life doing things you want to do you may need a little support with some things but don’t think because you’re autistic you cant do certain things; I volunteer hopefully to go onto a paid job, I go to college in a mainstream class and I’ve passed a reading English exam, I am joining an art group which I’m looking forward to as I love drawing and I am achieving more in my life than I ever thought I would 6/7 years ago.


Lucy x 


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