Life with sensory.


I have had sensory I would say since I was a child I have struggled for quite a lot of years with noise and touch especially. When I was a child I struggled with certain things like riding a bike, swimming and  learning to crawl as a baby. I struggled with crowds I wasn’t very sociable at school I was alone a lot of the time but I didn’t cause trouble I was just quiet!!! 

I had my first sensory integration assessment when I was in hospital 2011/2012 but I have recently had an in-depth assessment that’s gone on for about 4/5 months, which confirmed I do have sensory integration.

I have bad feelings and thoughts after certain activities where sensory is present such as for example; being in crowded, busy places can make me feel anxious which leads to my evening being negative. In some places that I’ve had bad experiences I tend to not go again for example discos they scare me with all the loud noise, talking, lights, loud music…etc. It even took me years and years to go back to the cinema from when I was 9 because I got sick in the cinema and I thought it would happen again, it took 7 years for me to go back and I was frightened off the large screen. 

I have over responsive sensory, which means for example my brain has incoming signals of TV loud, people talking loudly and the behaviour I may use is putting my hands over my ears, self harming behaviours, walks out of the room, stand in the corner of the room not being able to move because of anxiety, but in future I could reduce the levels of noise by having TV on low volume or off, go to places where its quieter and then there should be less negative behaviours and anxiety should be less. 

I do not touch other people, I hate touch off other people I look all uncomfortable if someone touches me I hate light touch especially it feels painful too me and I hate wearing woolly jumpers made from a certain type of wool. 

I am very clumsy I was always dropping drinks when I lived at home with my family my bedroom carpet had stains all over especially from Pepsi max. 

I hate loud noises, I hate certain noises like tapping, chewing gum off other people, drills, sirens, banging, loud voices and shouting.

I have problems with movement sometimes as I can sit for long periods of time without really moving which can give signals to my brain that feels like I am disconnecting from the world. 

I am going to use different strategies in the future with the help of occupational therapists to help me build a sensory routine which they call it a sensory diet which is putting things in place to help me stay alert and stay calm and not go into a zone where I’m unresponsive. I am changing my routine especially my evening routine which will be a slow process. 

Living with sensory can be exhausting, can be difficult but its a journey along the way. 

x Lucy x 



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