True friends..

This week has been a eventful week but its shown me who my true friends are I may not have many friends who I see often, but I know one thing I am glad who they are and I am glad they are who they say are cos those friends have been my friends for 7+ years and they know how to make me smile, they give me respect and know my likes and dislikes. I had a friend who isn’t a friend of mine no more he used me, and swore at me, blamed me for things I can never forgive him for he only wanted me to be his girlfriend and I knew that would never happen as I couldn’t go out with someone who’s nearly as old as my parents, he was nice and kind until I saw his real side….

Luke is my true friend he has never let me down he’s funny, kind and gentle and I know that’s the real him. he lives in Swindon but that doesn’t stop him seeing me.

Fatemah and Joannah are my QAC friends who I still see and they are my great friends!!!!

xxx lucy xx

and to all my other friends who I talk to — you’re great too!!



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